Premium Rice

Culinary Profile

Far West Signature Quality Rice Defined

  • High quality rice best noted by an even, smooth feel, with each kernel distinct as it melts in the mouth.
  • Diversity in culinary application. Excellent for the art of sushi making, paired with ingredients or enjoyed as standalone table rice.
  • Well suited for traditional or contemporary dishes.
  • Carries flavor beautifully while retaining texture and form.
  • Naturally soft starch structure lends itself to desired cooking characteristics.
  • Consistent cooking characteristics marked by moist, tender kernels that naturally cling together for a desired sticky texture.
  • Quality distinction in regards to cooking reliability, appearance and mouth feel. The rice remains sticky as opposed to mushy.
  • Has the unique ability to gently compliment without overpowering complex flavors.
  • This rice can be paired with or compliment spicy, tangy, savory, sweet dishes.
  • A taste profile characterized by a natural, fresh, subtle complexity with notes of sweetness complimented by delicate hint of nuttiness.
  • Desired visual attributes include glossy sheen, lustrous finish like fresh water pearls.
Photos Courtesy of Aonami Sustainable Sushi Restaurant